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3D Cinemas

Perceive the movie as if it occurs in real life!


The purpose of 3D is to achieve that the spectator can perceive the movie the same way as it occurs in real life.  The brain, together with the eyes, are responsible for constructing a 3D image when two images 2D are "captured" from different points of view, this is know as visual stereoscopic.  The only way for it to be seen like that is by using special polarized glasses.

Different than the old 3D, the new system uses digital projection and polarization rather than color coding. Digital 3D also requieres the use of glasses to filter out the right image for each eye, then the brain puts the two separate images together and creates a beautiful 3D image that looks incredibly realistic.

In Caribbean Cinemas the 3D commenced on February 2009 with the Jonas Brothers concert in Plaza Las Americas, and from there on it has grow immensely until today that we are equipped with 50 room theatres in 29 theatres in Puerto Rico.  In addition, all the theatres in the islands also are 3D. 

It is evident that this technology is here to stay due to it's quality and excellent acceptation on behalf of our clients.


Available in the following theaters:
  Belz Outlet
  Las Catalinas
  Las Piedras
  Los Colobos
  Plaza del Caribe
  Plaza del Sol
  Plaza Escorial
  Plaza Guayama
  Plaza Guaynabo
  Plaza las Américas
  Ponce Towne
  Río Hondo I
  Río Hondo II
  San Germán
  San Patricio
  Santa Isabel
Vega Alta
Western Plaza

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