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¡Qué Despelotón!

  • GENRE: Comedy
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:36
  • RELEASE DATE: 03/20/2014
  • STARRING: Rocky The Kid, Tony Banana, Bill Fourquet, Guelo Star
  • DIRECTOR: Transfor Ortiz
  • PRODUCER(S): Yolanda Lerner
  • WRITER(S): Gabo Ramos, Eduardo Ortiz


The film continues the adventures of Rocky The Kid, Tony Banana and Billy Fourquet. Two years after the first installment, Tony Banana becomes an actor who is highly regarded in Hollywood. A Puerto Rican movie producer offered Tony to make him the leading star of a film to be shoot in Puerto Rico with the condition he stop his evil ways (drinking, smoking etc.) Tony accepts without realizing that the if he doesn’t comply with the contract stipulations he will be forced to become the owner the film’s debt. Tony returns to Puerto Rico to shoot the movie but Rocky and Billy convinced Tony otherwise pushing him to go back to his evil way. Here is where hell break loose. During the party Tony does everything he should not do. Billy has sex with an alleged minor. The press arrives to the party and openly revealed everything. They were living hell on earth. Tony cancelled the film shooting, absorbed the debt and now he will be forced to settled the debt. Billy is under the public pressure since he knock up a minor. Rocky’s radio show is boycotted dropping rating to the ground.

This situation force the three friends to go separate ways.

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