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Ad Products
File Formats
File Size
Leaderboard 728x90px FLASH, GIF, JPG, HTML 50K
Medium Rectangle 300x250px FLASH, GIF, JPG, HTML 50K
Wide Skyscraper 160x600px FLASH, GIF, JPG, HTML 50K
Wrap Around Skin 1600x590px / 728x90px GIF/JPG 50K
  General Standard/Rich Media Ad Product Specifications Tracking

    * All Standard/Rich Media ad products listed above support:
      3rd Party 1x1 impression tracking (Not including Newsletter Ad Placements)
      3rd Party click tracking via click command URLs

NOTE: 4th Party 1x1 impression tracking is NOT ACCEPTED or BILLABLE.


    * Animation is not to exceed 15 seconds except in special circumstances upon site approval
    * Frame rate should be set to 18 fps

User Interaction

    * Any floating overlay or expandable portion of the ad must contain a clearly visible 20x30 [x] CLOSE or SKIP button that allows the user to stop the animation and close the floating, overlay or expanding element immediately.
    * "Same in-Same out" Expansion on mouse-over requires collapse on mouse-off. Expansion on click requires click to collapse.

Expandable Ads

    * Max number of panels: (4) at 100k max for each panel
    * Expandable ad panels can at no time cover, impede or otherwise obscure site logo, or other in-page ad spaces (same advertiser exceptions permitted)


    * All audio must be user-initiated on click
    * Video can be host initiated. May only download/stream 1mb maximum politely. Maximum in-banner video duration is :30 seconds
    * Must contain stop, pause, play and audio control buttons

Floating/Overlay enabled Ads

    * Floating creatives can at no time cover, impede or otherwise obscure site navigation bar, logo, or other in-page ad spaces (same advertiser exceptions permitted)

Flash "clickTag" Specs

In order for to properly track and report clicks with site served flash ads, please ensure all ads have the clickTag properly implemented. Adobe/Macromedia currently recommends a "clickTag" method to track clicks for flash ads. This method uses variables to pass the click tracking string and URL into the Flash creative movies. As a result, the only text in the URL box is _level0.clickTag (underscore level ZERO period clickTag). _level0. (underscore level zero period) is included for "pathing" purposes to ensure that Flash can properly locate the variable.

    * Transparent Button object layered on top of clickable area
    * Button clickthrough URL: _level0.clickTag (underscore level ZERO period clickTag)
    * Target window is set to "_blank"
    * Variables is set to "Don't send"
    * Active Clickthrough URLs must accompany submission of flash files in .txt/.xls file

Here is what the coding will look like when you are done:

          on (release)                       
          getURL(_level0.clickTag, "_blank");                       

For flash files with multiple clickable areas, up to 4 clickTags can be utilized as follows:

    * clickTag (clickable area A)

          on (release)                       
          getURL(_level0.clickTag1, "_blank");                       

    * clickTag (clickable area B)

          on (release)                       
          getURL(_level0.clickTag2, "_blank");                       

    * clickTag (clickable area C)

          on (release)                       
          getURL(_level0.clickTag3, "_blank");                       

    * clickTag (clickable area D)

          on (release)                       
          getURL(_level0.clickTag4, "_blank");                       

NOTE: clickTag is case sensitive
Hard coded clickthrough URLs will not be accepted
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