Nuyorican Básquet

GENRE: Documentary / Sport
RELEASE DATE: April 19, 2018
DIRECTOR: Julio César Torres y Ricardo Olivero Lora
PRODUCER(S): Freddie Marrero Alfonso
WRITER(S): Ricardo Olivero Lora y Julio César Torres
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Nuyorican Básquet tells the dramatic story of Puerto Rico’s 1979 National Basketball Team, whose players were mainly born or raised in New York. In a historic and emotionally charged encounter, this team contended for the medal in the final of the XIII Pan American Games against the United States. Almost all of the twelve athletes developed in the basketball courts of New York Afro-Americans and they became the hope of the Puerto Rican people during Cold War times. With Raymond Dalmau, Georgie Torres, Charlie Bermúdez y Nestor Cora, among others, this documentary showcases the influence of Nuyoricans in Puerto Rican basketball in an intertwined account where the game, the diaspora and the complex roads of Puerto Rican identity invite to reflect upon what Puerto Rico is today.