Amanece en Calcuta

GENRE: Documentary
STARRING: Documental, intervenciones de: Teresa de Calcuta
DIRECTOR: José María Zavala
PRODUCER(S): Paloma Fernández-Gasset, Filomeno Martínez Aspe
WRITER(S): José María Zavala
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Directed by José María Zavala (The Mystery of Padre Pio, Reborn and Wojtyla. The investigation), the new film Dawns in Calcutta is a song to a small-great woman who gave her life to the poorest of the poor. If Saint Teresa of Calcutta continues to teach us something, it is that this capital of India is present everywhere today. In your city, there is also a "Calcutta" where people in need of Love live poorly, with a capital letter. With the fast pace of a thriller, "Dawn in Calcutta" offers the intertwined testimonies of six people who continue to risk their lives today in the most remote places on the planet to make Christ known and loved, according to spirituality of Mother Teresa. With a wonderful Original Soundtrack, which even incorporates musical instruments from India, the film will surely impact the hearts of many people, especially those who are still installed in their "comfort zone" ignoring what happens on the other side of the screen. reality. The impact of these stories will be brutal.

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