Serán las Dueñas de la Tierra

GENRE: Documentary
RELEASE DATE: September 29, 2022
DIRECTOR: JuanMa Pagán Teitelbaum
PRODUCER(S): Mariolga Reyes Cruz
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Stewards of the Land (Serán las dueñas de la tierra) is a 90-minute documentary about the lives of Stephanie, Ian and Alfredo, landless ecological farmers striving to produce healthy food for local consumption in Puerto Rico. In this economically depressed US-territory -highly dependent on food imports that sits on the path of hurricanes- producing food locally is urgent. The story begins when the protagonists arrive for the first time to the public lands they rent. The farms have been abandoned for decades and lack the most basic infrastructure to get started. The story follows the protagonists as they get the farms and their business running, before and after powerful hurricanes devastate the archipelago. The documentary shows the protagonists’ grit as they attempt to carve a living without land ownership or capital.

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