Oh! Mammy Blue

GENRE: Comedy
RELEASE DATE: July 19, 2018
STARRING: Carmen Maura, Ramón Barea, María Pujalte
DIRECTOR: Antonio Hens
PRODUCER(S): Miguel Ferrari
WRITER(S): Julio Carrillo, Antonio Hens (story)
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Although now Laura (Carmen Maura), a 70-year-old hippie, lives in a nursing home at the time was a muse of the seventies rock better known as Laurie Amnesia that made Jimi Hendrix himself dream. Being the most modern rocker of the time, she is now a woman who revolutionizes the asylum in which she finds herself. Her past is a secret until Juan is the only resident who recognizes her and who was a fan of her, who will push her to a new musical project. The director of this feature film is Antonio Hens (Clandestinos, La partida) who also takes on screenwriting roles with Julio Carrillo and Antonio Álamo. Carmen Maura ( The future is no longer what it was, Volver ), Milton García ( Horses ), Ramon Barea ( The Queen of Spain ), Arlette Torres ( The tribe ) and Carlo D'Ursi ( Like the foam ) are responsible for embody the protagonists of this comedy.