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Be part of the movie magic by advertising your company or product on the big screen.
By advertising in the movies, you send your message to a captive audience.
It is the most effective way to present your product or service to over 13 million viewers annually.
We have 31 theaters with 268 screens in Puerto Rico.
You can select all the theatres or just those that suit your region or needs.
For fees and availability, call 787-727-7137 or contact us via e-mail at


For opportunities in the English speaking Caribbean Islands and Guyana, call 787-727-7137 ext. 289 or contact us via e-mail at

Online is the fourth most visited website in Puerto Rico. The portal’s content attracts a very wide range of people of different ages from a market-specific region of the world making perfect avenue to expose your brand or products.
Reach your mobile audience directly through their mobile devices, whether is a smartphone, Android or iPhone.
Now you could be at their finger tips.
Caribbean Cinemas Mobile Sites provides content to that passionate movie audience that keeps bringing them back for movies schedule and showtimes, reviews, trailers and more.
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