Emily the Criminal

GENRE: Crime / Drama / Thriller
RELEASE DATE: August 18, 2022
STARRING: Aubrey Plaza, Theo Rossi, Jonathan Avigdori
DIRECTOR: John Patton Ford
WRITER(S): John Patton Ford
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Emily (Aubrey Plaza) is saddled with student debt and locked out of the job market due to a minor criminal record. Desperate for income, she takes a shady gig as a “dummy shopper,” buying goods with stolen credit cards supplied by a handsome and charismatic middleman named Youcef (Theo Rossi). Faced with a series of dead-end job interviews, Emily soon finds herself seduced by the quick cash and illicit thrills of black-market capitalism, and increasingly interested in her mentor Youcef. Together, they hatch a plan to bring their business to the next level in Los Angeles.

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