GENRE: Drama / Fantasy
RELEASE DATE: February 9, 2023
STARRING: Isaac Rodríguez, Dayana Vargas, José Vargas, Osney Narváez, Juan Mateo Pulido, Daniel Gutiérrez.
DIRECTOR: Carlos Zapata
WRITER(S): Samuel Pinazo, Carlos Zapata
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Titi, Carlitos, Betún, Jhon & Pinky, are a group of street children who keep on the move, escaping from a system that is setting their sewer homes on fire. After arriving at John's grandma's town which has also been set on fire, they are reduced to ashes, their hearts broken. Titi fights with John and leaves his friends. He will start a new path with La Ratona. La Ratona is looking for paradise and will convince Titi to come along. Tragedy and fantasy are intertwined tightly of Bogotá.

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