Héctor el Father: Conocerás la Verdad

GENRE: Drama
RELEASE DATE: March 22, 2018
STARRING: Héctor Delgado
DIRECTOR: Joel Antonio Colon
WRITER(S): CJ Lozada
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: In the best moment of his career, Héctor "El Father" legitimizes his musical career as the most important exponent of the urban genre. His success in the musical environment was overshadowed by his life offstage, and his personal relationships and street life. However, despite fame, money and power, his internal struggles threaten to destroy him and hurt everyone around him. Now, you must take one of the most important decisions in your life: whether to continue on the path that assures death or make a decision that changes your life completely. Hector El Father Conoceras La Verdad is a family film based on the life of Hector Delgado, known in the music industry as "El Father". He tells the story of his beginnings, his musical revolution and why his left everything on his musical carreer.