Vico C: La Vida del Filósofo

GENRE: Drama
RELEASE DATE: August 10, 2017
STARRING: Luis “Loupz” Lozada Jr., Mariangelie Velez, Xavier Moralez Cruz
DIRECTOR: Eduardo “Transfor” Ortiz
PRODUCER(S): Socorro Torres
WRITER(S): Luis A. (Vico C) Lozada, Jesús María Rivera, Frankie Bracero
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The film take us in an intimate journey through the life, trials and tribulations of iconic urban movement figure, Vico C. From his days as a shy school boy his self discovery and development of his amazing talent his rapid raise to fame in his native Puerto Rico and later internationally. The darkest moments of the artist life including the accident that almost cost Vico C his career and later even his life, his unfortunate brush with drugs his later arrest and imprisonment and his process of self discovery and rebirth aided by his faithful wife and life companion Sonia and the eventual retake of his career and of his rightful place as an international music icon of the urban movement.