Broche de Oro 2

GENRE: Drama / Comedy
RELEASE DATE: June 14, 2018
STARRING: Jacobo Morales, Adrián García, Diego de la Texera, Charytín Goyco
DIRECTOR: Raúl Marchand
PRODUCER(S): Frances Lausell, Joe Ramos
WRITER(S): Raúl Marchand
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Rafael, Pablo and Anselmo meet at an elders’ home. Their friendship grows based on their sense of humor and will to live. Life at the home can be sad. With their typical wit, they recruit other residents, particularly three ladies nicknamed the Greeks. Together they challenge the home's rules of behavior and register into a sports contest for a juicy prize. Because there are no rules for growing old, Broche de oro: Beginnings celebrates life and reminds us to live it to the fullest until the end.