Sol de Medianoche

GENRE: Drama
STARRING: Pedro Capó, ArIs Mejías, Laura Alemán
DIRECTOR: Douglas Sánchez
PRODUCER(S): Nadia Barbarossa, Rosana M. Roig, Billy Tress-Roig
WRITER(S): Douglas Sánchez
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Manolo is a private detective specializing in adultery cases, a job he considers "dirty, difficult and poorly paid." His center of operations is the Costa Azul beach neighborhood, in San Juan, where he lives with a group of marginal characters in a guest house they call 'El Hospitalillo'. Manolo seems obsessed with the murder of his twin brother Frank a few years before and for which he was accused by the Police. The film chronicles Manolo's investigation of the affair of past friends Carlos and Migdalia, as well as Manolo’s memories of the events that ended in Frank's murder.