El Chata

GENRE: Drama
RELEASE DATE: September 13, 2018
STARRING: Alexon Duprey, Mariana Monclova, José Gael Valentín, Modesto Lacén, Carlos Miranda
DIRECTOR: Gustavo Ramos Perales
PRODUCER(S): Gustavo Ramos, Carmen Díaz
WRITER(S): Gustavo Ramos Perales, Xenia Rivery
MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Although Samuel has what it takes to be a boxing champion, he seems destined to receive blows like a punching bag. Now, at thirty, he has no choice but to become a sparring partner because nobody is willing to give him a chance. Even Joe, his former coach, who is training a new prospect, decides to put Samuel to the test. Unable to feed his family and with temptations all around him, all Samuel thinks about is getting back in the ring to prove to himself and to everybody else that his time in prison has changed him, that he is reformed and determined to win back his family and his son’s affection. Back in the old neighborhood once again, however, he learns the hard way that a fresh start won’t be so easy, that he has no choice but to keep his gloves on at all times. While the possibility of migrating seems to offer an opportunity to be reborn, Samuel knows that no matter where you go, the neighborhood is always within you.